Hire her anyway.  Here’s why you need her.

In the health/fitness world, January is a time for new programs, big sales and helping folks with New Year’s Resolutions.

Gyms create their entire business models around an influx of new memberships in January.  They get them to commit to automatic monthly payments for a minimum of 1 year, and hope you won’t show up.  Yup, it’s true!!

I consistently take a different approach.

I like to help folks through the holidays when they really need support managing stress, eating whole foods and moving a little bit each day, even if they can’t commit to the normal routine. 

The idea is to not start the New Year feeling so absolutely horrible about themselves; they need a full year of punishment approach.

Makes sense, right?

January, for me, is a big RESET month where I tend to hibernate a little and assess how I want to spend my time. What are my needs and desires and how can I best tend to those, while showing up as my best self in all the areas of my life.

What do I need to learn?  Where do I need to self correct so I can be an effective coach, mentor, trainer for women who are too overwhelmed to effectively plan and execute for themselves. 

It is most common and the default for many to self-criticize, look at where we fell short or didn’t measure up, then tighten up the reins on some strict rules (I love rules).

Why do we do this to ourselves?!

For this reason it is important for me to look at what’s working, where I shine, feel joy and gratitude in my life, so I can do more of that!

The 2 coaches I’ve invested in so far this year have encouraged and supported me in both personal and professional development. 

The funny thing about hiring a coach isn’t necessarily the information I receive from the teachings (honestly, I have all the information I need), but from the discipline to show up for myself, the support and the accountability I get.

We all need validation.

I’m so glad to be re-committed to what truly matters, to have the courage to let go of what isn’t working anymore and to invite in some new things I’ve been afraid to try.

I’d love for you to share in the comments, what’s working really well for you that you’d like to do more of?  What not serving you?