I spent a good amount of time in January reflecting on the past year, analyzing how I performed against my goals and wondering what I would like to do differently this year,

I came up with one big idea…


Not because I far exceeded all my goals and expectations, but because I couldn’t remember WHY those goals were so important to me.

I wasted so much of my time and energy:

  • Busy doing things that made me feel productive
  • Turning down invitations to participate in life because I was busy doing things
  • Creating more work with urgency that this is NOT ENOUGH
  • Manifesting big adventures on my bucket list but not planning anything

Some of those business goals were ego driven, somehow proving my worth as a 20 year veteran in the women’s wellness industry…

Why do I feel I need to do this?  That’s a rant for another post…

Some of the goals were what I thought I should be doing based on what my peers were producing…

The personal goals didn’t even need to be goals. I just really needed a plan of action that I could follow consistently, we’ll take adventure travel as an example:

  • Research top 3 places on my long list
  • Best times of year to travel there
  • Group led adventure opportunities (I like hiking/backpacking, a little danger, but not too much)
  • Cost involved
  • How much time is optimal to spend 
  • lodging options

I completely overlooked creating a plan for how I would hit my personal goals, therefore, missed them all.

In spite of it all, 2023 was a beautiful culmination of a lifetime of lessons learned mostly the hard way, as a direct result of choices I’ve made, with no regret whatsoever.

And I have a beautiful, happy life…

as a direct result of choices I’ve made, with no regret whatsoever. I take full responsibility for the good, bad and the ugly in my life.

As I write this, I look around at the room I’m sitting in, in my warm home, on my land and it’s all just as I imagined it would be, AND MORE.

I can go back 5,6,10 years in my journals and read about this place I’m at right now, at a time when I was living 3,000 miles away in sunny southern California, trying to manifest daily, how I would get “home” to where I am now, and what that would look like.

I am surrounded by abundance: in love, in health, in wisdom and generosity. In kindness, friendship and companionship.

I live in a beautiful part of the country where nature offers, in all its splendor, endless trails, clear lakes, blue skies and fierce storms, all to remind me I’m alive and humble.

So my goals for this year?


When I achieve this, I enjoy my happy life that is already right here.

What goals or dreams do you want to achieve this year?  Do you have a plan?  I’d love to hear it in the comments.